Phood farm, a way of working and learning together

In the beginning of 2021 Phood Farm opened it’s indoor farm doors to start a new Aquaponics Farm in the middle of the city Eindhoven in the South of the Netherlands. Taking over from the former owner of this Aquaponics system “Duurzame Kost”, Phood Farm had the opportunity to continue collaboration with the IMAGINE program.

Phoodfarm 01

Since then new NEET’s have applied to join the program and projects of Phood Farm, and started working together as a small community, working and learning together. Not only about “outer gardening”, in the form of educational sessions about Aquaponics and Permaculture. But also about “inner gardening”; how to maintain your own balance and energy level, learn about entrepreneurship, and more.

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Within a few months these new NEET’s learned to maintain the plants and systems on a daily basis, and are now moving towards new trainings outside, on a piece of land that is built according to permaculture principles. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything Phood Farm does, as well as healthy living. That is why everyone who joins the crew eats together of the produce that is grown in the farm with their own hands, prepared by those who find their passion in cooking.

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Phood Farm has a partnership with Futuris, who provides job coaches and maintains close contact with social services, as many of the participants have their own history and involvement with mental health care and other practitioners. They receive individual training and coaching in order to prepare them in the best way possible to future personal and professional development.

The Imagine project is a chance for them to receive a full spectrum of trainings to grow in their most natural way, just like the plants they work with.

Phoodfarm 01
Phoodfarm 02
Phoodfarm 03
Phoodfarm 04
Posted on Tuesday 12 April 2022 10:26
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