Feedback from the pilot project in Luxembourg

Within the framework of the pilot project in Luxembourg, the Lycée Technique Agricole (LTA) and the Forum pour l’Emploi (FPE), in collaboration with the Agence pour le développement de l’emploi (the national Jobcentre) and the Centre d’Orientation Socio-Professionnelle, setup a training program of seven months’ duration in market gardening, adopted to young people not currently in education, employment or training.

The candidates’ journey started in December 2019 with a recruitment day. Several of them showed a keen interest in the IMAGINE program and started the training in January 2020. The candidates completed both a practical and theoretical training, while being supported by social workers.

After visiting the LTA’s campus, the participants’ wish to complete an apprenticeship awoke. Unfortunately, some measures put in place due to the corona virus meant that the theoretical training had to be reduced to a minimum. However, the practical activities were considered essential work, as they ensured the supply of basic food crops. Despite the difficult circumstances, the participants’ motivation was not diminished and they continued with their practical tasks in the field at a time when most people switched to working from home.

To date, three participants have demonstrated their motivation and skills during the IMAGINE journey in Luxembourg and are now ready to start over : two of them have put in their application to start an apprenticeship in the coming academic year, while the third participant is actively looking for employment in a market gardening enterprise.

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Visit LTA
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Recruitment day
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Posted on Wednesday 23 September 2020 09:48
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